Don't Ask

posted February 21st, 2013, 8:00 am

Next strip:  Nighttime Visit!

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February 21st, 2013, 9:51 am


People in the theater probably think he's part of the movie. ;)

Don't forget to vote for my comic, pretty please!

@Ultimate the Hedgehog - He's still the same Poe. Now he can interact with the rest of the crew, which is nice.

@nobi wan kenobi - He can manifest his own, like his beers at the bar or the his chains and Santa Claus hat. :)

@Chaos Master - That's what makes him such a great spirit guide.

@Ultimate the Hedgehog - That's true, but it also allows him to have some good interactions with the others. A bit of a trade off.

@da-vincent - I'm not familiar... I'll go check it out.

@qazox - I think so.

@nobi wan kenobi - He could but they'd be for more for show and fitting in that functional. Like his outfit on Narva.

@boagorof - Haha, no, random girl with a similar haircut. :)

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January 19th, 2019, 7:28 am


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February 21st, 2013, 9:47 am

Ultimate the Hedgehog

I miss invisible poe.

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February 21st, 2013, 10:00 am

Nobi Wan Kenobi (Guest)

Isn't he still intangible, though? How is he wearing 3D glasses?

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February 21st, 2013, 1:12 pm

Chaos Master

Ah, Poe.

Always answering the tough questions.

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February 21st, 2013, 2:06 pm

Ultimate the Hedgehog

but now everyone can see him. which takes away the humor and privacy of tripp talking to himself.

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February 21st, 2013, 5:13 pm

da-vincent (Guest)

think about it...

why is it....since the start of this comic, whenever poe talks i hear the voice of lenard from "ugly americans"?

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February 22nd, 2013, 10:04 pm


Are rhetorical questions really that easy to answer?

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February 22nd, 2013, 11:17 pm

Nobi Wan Kenobi (Guest)

Logically, if he can make working 3D glasses without knowing how they work, he could make things like night vision goggles or videocameras or a working Iron Man suit...

Just sayin'...

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February 24th, 2013, 6:19 pm

bobagorof (Guest)

Is that Proxy sitting next to Tripp in the first panel? That would be kind of awkward...

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