We're Doomed!

posted December 8th, 2011, 8:00 am

Next strip:  I got your back!

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December 3rd, 2011, 10:06 pm


Surprise! A double-sized strip to end their excursion to Narva. Maybe life will normalize a bit for them now that they are back.


@Chaos Master - Yeah, re-entry into his Earthly everyday existence might be a big rocky.

@Ultimate the Hedgehog - Maybe so... She certainly has a little Bruce Lee in her.

@godmoderncommander - I believe his intentions were good.

@GreyouTT - It doesn't look good.

@Scott - Thanks very much! I've definitely tried to make my own version of Poe, someone you'd actually want to hang around with.

@interspark - Poor Tripp... I mean, the guy really does mean well.

@overkill - Just have to get that final boss stage done. :)

@Ultimate the Hedgehog - Either he can hear ghosts or saw that she wasn't budging...

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January 19th, 2019, 7:08 am


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December 8th, 2011, 9:33 am

Chaos Master


At least we know Trip is screwed one way or another.

Edit: I also agree with Poe in the sventh panel.

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December 8th, 2011, 11:43 am

Ultimate the Hedgehog

or maybe coco will beat them up.

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December 8th, 2011, 12:32 pm


Sure Poo, you were trying to "push" her and not cop a feel.

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December 8th, 2011, 2:37 pm


We are all screwed.

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December 9th, 2011, 2:48 am

Scott (Guest)


I've been following this or a while, it is definitely one of my top stops and voting places, every day.

Of Course, the Edgar Allen Poe, that got me through School in the 60's was no where as Cool as yours, Quote the Raven.

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December 9th, 2011, 6:46 am


haha, now the whole earth is doomed as a result of tripp licking that stamp

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December 11th, 2011, 1:43 pm


sooo is the beta testing for the game done then? :P

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February 5th, 2012, 8:33 pm

Ultimate the Hedgehog

i know i'm late and all but... how did stats hear poe?

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